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Nail Salon

About Us

The Eighty-8 Nail Studio was launched in 2017 with one goal - to create a nail salon you can trust (and love). We continuously look at each aspect of your Eighty-8 experience to ensure that we provide the service you will be delighted with.  

We have built our concept on three pillars:

It starts with the quality - We take time to train our staff to the highest standard. We are only using proven and highest quality products to ensure consistency of the results. Our salons are designed with attention to detail to ensure we can provide a truly unique environment. 

Standard process but individual approach - Each client and every service are different. Our beauticians are trained to approach each client individually. We offer a flexible booking system, walk-ins, Group Events, Vouchers, and Memberships to maintain several booking options across our salon group. We also cater for an extensive range of services and products to ensure that we can meet the expectations of each client.

Everyone expects good value - While we are proud of our quality, we ensure that our prices provide excellent value for money. The quality of the service remains the most critical aspect, but we also train our staff to focus on the effectiveness of the processes. It allows us to reduce idle moments and keep our prices affordable.


Commercial Partners

We are proud to work closely with carefully selected commercial partners, who support us in providing a flexible booking systems and securing attractive locations for our salons.

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